10 Web Design Mistakes you Should Avoid

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Web designing is a one creative venture that asks designers to keep in mind not just the creativeness and visual appeal in mind but then functionality and user-friendliness should also be taken care of.

Website designing is not as easy job as it appears to be. Undeniably, it is interesting but asks for immense care and dedictaion. One needs to understand the criticality of coming up with the design that is smart in all terms as in visually nice and works well when the viewer/user tries to get the best out of it.

Designers need to follow the web design trends, take care of what needs to be included and what needs to be omitted so as to provide best experience to the users. Also, learning from mistakes is also important as in we all know none of us perfect and tend to make mistakes personally and professionally but then the one who learns from their mistakes or other peoples’ mistakes thereby avoiding the same wins.

Today, we are here with the list of mistakes that all the web designers should avoid at any cost while designing a website. Take a look.

1. Too Many Distractions

Don’t be smart with the design. Make sure you know the target audience and what might appear to be a distracting element when one is there on the website looking for the stuff. While designing one thing that we suggest is not to overlay the content with distractions.Make sure the website doesn’t have distracting elements.


2. Avoid Complicating Stuff

The very moment user comes to the website, it should be clear as to what all the website has in store for them. Nothing should be puzzling or complicating.  The user must know what the site is about in seconds.

3. Typography

Fonts play a major role in making the content readable. Avoid using the decorative fonts that no matter how visually appealing they appear, but are not easily understandable and readable. The font selection should be made in such a manner that it should be easily readable whilst being visually appealing.


4. Unorganised Content Layout

It is one understandable issue that arises if the content is not organised in a particular way. As in the content layout should be such that it maintains the hierarchy so that it is easily readable.


5. Bad Use of Color and Contrast

The color selection should be such that it should compliment the overall design. The color and contrast should be proper. Designers should know color theory and should be able to apply its rules. Make use of the right kind of tools or whatever but avoid using wrong colors.


6. Heavy Images, Flash Based Graphics and Animations

If you are using heavier images or flash based graphics and animations, they tend to slower it downloads. Avoid doing so in order to make your website as light as possible.


7. Frustrating Navigation

If the users are unable to easily find the buttons and links and locate the stuff they are looking for as it is placed in the wrong location then it becomes frustrating. Organise your site’s navigation with logic, intuition and common sense. Make use of intuitive and easy navigation.


8. No Search Box

Imagine how much time consuming it would be if the visitors are to find something on your website but there is no search box. Search box should be included in the website design to ensure users don’t find it difficult to search for the stuff they are looking for.


9. Too Much Loading Time

Nothing is much frustrating than waiting for the web page to load even if the net connection is fast. While designing a website designers should keep the target audience in mind and make sure that the website doesn’t take much of loading time.


10. Inconsistent Design

Designers sometimes focus more on creativity and create different designs for every web page rather than going for a same design pattern for every web page on website. This makes it difficult for the viewers to relate and don’t find it good. Instead it is a wise idea to go in for the consistent design for all pages of the website.


I won’t call them just mistakes but tips for designers as each of them includes the tips that need to be kept in mind and somethings that need to be avoided at any cost to ensure the users get best of what you have to offer in quite pleasing manner. Avoid the above listed mistakes to come up with the amazing design that is visually appealing and functionally cool too.

The key is to keep things simple and easy to scan. Don’t try to play with things that might effect the overall design. Avoid these mistakes and come up with superb web designs.

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Anand Singh

Anand is the Mass Communication Post Graduate with keen interest in online media, web designing, and development. He loves exploring new possibilities in designing and development; sharing the same with others.

1 Comment to 10 Web Design Mistakes you Should Avoid

  1. Hello,

    Well, Quite a decent article.

    I have made many mistakes, when I just started my career. I was not aware of the fact that, i need a responsive website, so for a long period of time, I was running website just for the desktop users.

    Also, the navigation was not easy, but with time, I have improved my websites layout and design a lot.

    But still many are making similar mistakes, so this would help many of them resolve issues with their website design.

    Keep up the good work.

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