New Technologies that revolutionise online gaming

Online gaming has witnessed huge changes over the last couple of years. They had never been so popular before the onset of the eighties decade. Time has come now to witness the online gaming flooding almost all aspects of your life. Be it smartphones, Laptops or even the digital television, online gaming is everywhere.

 It would not have been possible without the technological advancements. The recent innovations in the technology have been quite instrumental in making online gaming a household name. We will discuss the new technologies for the better online gaming experience. The impact that new technology innovations have had on online gaming are enormous and immense.

 3 Dimensions

Three dimensions have added lots of authenticity to the online gaming. Prior to the eighties, online gaming was limited to two dimensions. The technology had its own limitations. Unlike 3D, two-dimensional gaming lacks lifelike graphics.

In the current era, almost all the games are three dimensional. Not that the online games were not 3D in the eighties. There have been a few games in the 3D, but with the graphics that left much to be desired. And that made your so-called 3D games lackluster.

Not anymore, the graphics have gone for a huge improvement. The games are looking much better. Three dimensions and high end graphics have been the cause for some fundamental changes in the online gaming industry has witnessed.


Hardware upgrades have been the important aspects which have been the main cause for the improved graphics. Today’s super-efficient, high speed hardware have made it possible to witness an enormous scale of improvement when it comes to pixels or shading.

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality has made online gaming more engaging. VR is still in the development to be engaging to the extent that would make it realistic. However, there have been a few innovations that have let people enjoy top notch experience.

Oculus Rift has been one of the pioneers in the field of virtual reality. It has shown to the world how engaging and innovative VR can be. The displays have gone to the extent of offering you 4K videos. Combined with it is the advent of 3D glasses. The VR along with 3D glasses lets you interact with one another.

 Virtual Reality is one such field which can be induced to any other industry. VR is another big step in Internet Casino Gaming Industry. The only difference between Online & Offline Casino Game is that the feel which you experience by making Eye contact to others and playing Mind Games. This can be attained in Online Gaming with the help of VR, such as are internet Casino games. To improve the players’ experience, Internet casinos developed a new games category called “Live Casino”, there players can play in front of a live dealer, what made live blackjack one of the popular games in that category.

In fact, Virtual Reality is the latest advancement when it comes to online gaming. The three-dimensional technology offered by VR makes your gaming experience completely immersive.


Wearable Technology and portability

Portability has been the in thing in the current breed of online gaming. Smart watches have been instrumental in making it more portable.

Wearables made their entry with the fitness genre. Now they have diversified into the online gaming industry as well. You do not need any more to work with a TV or a console. Portability ensures that you can gain access to your favourite games anytime – anywhere.  Wearables have not only been your body extensions, but they also extend your gaming consoles.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is what began the online gaming during the initial days. Our readers may wonder why are we adding it to the list of innovative and new age technology that is going to transform the online gaming. It was there since the beginning of the online gaming – but it has moved on to become more humane.

The Artificial Intelligence is getting more intelligent of late. It is getting more into the human psychology. In fact, we would consider Artificial Intelligence to be most important and biggest technological improvement after Virtual Reality. We guess we can even go to the extent of stating that online gaming owes its existence to Artificial Intelligence.

Improved Online Gaming

The nature of online gaming, in itself, has changed over the years in terms of being online. We would consider it as one of the important aspects that have changed the face of online gaming.

Do we sound weird and unintelligible? Not exactly. Online Gaming has become more online now. Compared to what it was during the initial days, it has grown to be more engaging and a completely evolutionary.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG is a new advancement in the realm of online gaming. Gamers can now play with any online gamer no matter what his or her geolocation is at. There are certain sites that let you play with as much as eight million subscribers at one time! Isn’t that amazing? Online Gaming could not have experienced the height that it has reached today without that kind of online community.

High Definition display

As we stated before, graphics have seen a huge change. But, what would graphics do without an ably supportive display? Well, that has exactly been the case with the recent gaming trends.

4K displays have been practically supporting the high end graphics. Well, yes – there is a huge price tag associated with those high quality displays. That could be one of the deterrents when opting for such screens. However, with the increasing demand, the price of Ultra HD 4K displays has been coming down considerably over time. We just hope that the prices will come down still more so that the displays would be affordable for all the strata of gamers.

Coming to the quality of the display, the high end 4K technology brings the best in terms of sharpness and crispiness of colors. It will definitely bring out the best ever possible natural feeling.

The final thoughts

With the kind of advancement, that is happening in the field of online gaming – we would look forward to more improvement in the coming days. Though we may not be able to predict what exactly will be the future ahead, we would certainly expect huge improvements. And our assumption says that Virtual reality will be the front runner in the direction of making it more better and more engaging.  What other technological advancements do you think have been aiding online gaming to be a huge success? Share your opinions with us.

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