Secrets to Bypass JEE 2016

JEE is considered one of India’s Top level examinations. Infact, it has become a “success metric” to qualify if a JEE exams these days. If you don’t, you aren’t academically successful, that’s the opinion of some of the Indian population.

On the other hand, the exam doesn’t have as much importance to a certain percentage of the population. But in all certainty, this exam carries great weightage for whole of India. It’s just that for some the importance is a lot, for some not so much.

It contains questions with objective patterns, meaning there are no direct question and answers, but rather optional answers to questions. Students are to choose the correct answer. The exam acts as a gateway to various top-level engineering colleges across the country.

Earlier the JEE was non-existent. Instead two other exams, terms as AIEEE meaning, All India Engineering Entrance Examination, and IIT-JEE were conducted. In 2012, the Central Board of Secondary Education decided to merge the two examinations and hence the JEE was born.

The main target of the students is to get admitted in the IIT’s ( Indian Institutes of Technology) , while other options such as the NIT’s ( National Institute of Technology) are also open.

2013 had seen the highest number of JEE applicants, resulting in a total of 1400000 number of applications, while that number has considerably gone lower in 2016, summing up to only 1,25,0000 number of applicants.

Easy tips to Crack JEE

CBSE NCERT Textbooks:-

JEE is controlled by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Now well, NCERT books are also under the same board. So definitely and naturally, consulting NCERT books becomes your easiest way out.
These books are developed with a certain pattern, a pattern that takes your understanding step by step through the concepts. NCERT books are one of the best structured books “in the world”. Yes, and thus when it comes to exams like JEE, they without doubt are one of the best sources to seek help from.

Past year question papers:-

There are limited questions in this world, and so limited answers to them.

Meaning, JEE examiners don’t “invent” questions, right? Well yeah they might, but the subject matters are the same, right? They don’t invent questions like “How to survive on mars”. Instead, they ask you the same questions, again and again, just with a different format and difficulty level.
The best way to crack JEE is to consult previous years’ question papers, as many as you can, and then attempt the questions from different angles and difficulty levels.

3-C Rule:-

Confident, Calm and composed. There’s nothing the human brain can’t achieve, if it keeps itself calm and on purpose. If you’re calm about your problems, you’ll find solutions to them, and in result it’ll boost your confidence.

Once you’re confident about it, there’s probably nothing you can’t achieve. So keeping your brain in control, and not being in control of it is the best way to get past the JEE exams in India.


Ask any JEE topper, he would ask you to revise the subject matter over and over again.

No matter how proficient in the subject you are, without revision you are doomed to fail. Focus on revisions, make a pattern. Always attempt the “hard parts” first, and revise them more. Then when you’re done with them, shift your attention to the easier ones and then keep revising them on a constant basis.

Specially subject like Mathematics are totally based on revisions. There are no poems you have to memories, but it’s a habit you have to curate in yourself.

And JEE has maths as a very important section, so make sure you’re revising your course, constantly and not just once.

JEE 2016:-

JEE advanced 2016 exams are scheduled to be held from 3rd April, 2016. While the online JEE 2016 exams are to be conducted on 09th April, 2016.

JEE, like every year is expected to be tough, and extremely competitive. Although you can increase your chances of getting selected by going through the above tips.

If someone had to sum it up in one word, I’d say the best line would be, focus on Mathematics, physics and Chemistry. If you master these three subjects there’s very little harm the evil, named JEE can do to you.

For any JEE query, questions or confusions, drop a comment.

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